GamesRadar Insists Halo: Anniversary Will be Worth $40’s Charlie Barrat wants to make sure no one thinks Microsoft’s upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved update is overpriced:

If you’ve lumped Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary in the same category as other recently updated last-generation classics like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil, Sly Cooper or Beyond Good & Evil, you’re making a mistake. And if you’re upset that Halo costs more money or offers less gameplay than those examples – that Microsoft is marketing this single 10-year-old shooter as a major holiday release with the $40 price tag to match – you’re missing the difference.

Halo: Anniversary — which GamesRadar has already called “mouthwatering” and “one of the best-looking, well-handled HD remakes we’ve seen yet”– is definitely overpriced at $39.99. Re-releases, even ones with updated graphics, usually cost half that amount. But GamesRadar has been really, REALLY excited about a remastered Halo since before it was even announced.  A remastered Halo 1 is as exciting a prospect as Halo 4, according to Content Editor Justin Towell. “Do we really need a new version?” Towell asks. “One look at the trailer is enough to convince me that the answer is a definitive ‘yes’.”

People who don’t work for GamesRadar might need more than one look to convince them, so Charlie Barrat spends the rest of the article explaining just how updated these graphics are. There are new textures. The sky moves now. It’s all “almost too much to properly describe.” Then, after conceding the animation is crappy (!), he concludes:

But the fact that it’s even that pretty – that the visuals offer a new experience rather than just a less old experience – justifies the price tag and the holiday push. Halo is more comparable to Monkey Island’s special edition or Tomb Raider’s anniversary edition than the recent crop of upscaled re-releases.

Monkey Island cost 10 bucks. Tomb Raider’s anniversary edition was a complete remake using a new engine, with new puzzles and overhauled controls, and still retailed for 10 dollars less than Halo: Anniversary.

Barrat wraps things up with a cliffhanger: “Now, whether we actually recommend buying it again? We’ll let you know in next month’s review.”

Actually, Charlie Barrat, we already know what GamesRadar will recommend. GamesRadar will recommend buying it again, for $40. (They may recommend it only for fans of Halo, who comprise 100% of the readership of a Halo: Anniversary review.)


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